words by Paul Spencer 2016
music adapted from “Wade In The Water”  traditional Negro spiritual

1. If for any reason you want it to look,
Like you weigh a lot less than you do by the book,
Well it may not be honest or completely correct,
But you can take advantage of that buoyancy effect.

And get weighed in the water,
Get weighed in the water, children,
Weighed in the water,
God that’s a terrible word-play.

2. When you’re locked up in a prison cell,
You don’t get to know the guards that well,
But one introduced himself all the same,
He said “Pleased to meet you, Waiden’s my name”.

He was Waiden the Warder,
He was Waiden the Warder, children,
Waiden the Warder,
God that’s a terrible word-play.

3. Just the other night in a restaurant,
We’d all decided what we want,
But the waiters seemed to all be gone,
So I’m tryna tell the kids what’s goin’ on.

We’re waitin’ to order,
We’re waitin’ to order, children,
We’re waitin’ to order,
God that’s a terrible word-play.


I write silly political folk songs (and some that are marginally less silly) and also produce the odd poster or other bit of politically inspired art. Here are songs for you to sing along to and things to look at, read or download. Enjoy!