I Hope You Like It

words and music by Paul Spencer, 2014

              C                         F       C              Dm        G                 F                        G
1. This love I have for you I hope you like it though it’s mostly second-hand,
.            F                        C              F                      C                 G
But I cleaned it up like new and I wrapped it with a lovely rubber band,
.                  F                        C                       G                            F
And it’s from so many places, so you may detect some traces,
.            Am                         G                    Am         G
Of the way that it’s been passed from hand to hand,
.   C                 Dm  G  C
I hope you’ll understand.

2. When we quietly sit together that’s a love my brother gave me long ago,
Though I’m floating like a feather, it’s a love that doesn’t have to be on show,
And when I treat you as a team-mate, and I tell you every dream I have,
I learnt that from my sister first you know,
Such a gift she did bestow.

3. Some simple praise to save me that’s a love I got once from a high-school friend,
Or the love my Grandma gave me that I’m giving back to her now till the end,
I could name so many others, all my family friends and lovers,
Who gave me all this love I’ve got to spend,
And to share with you my friend.

4. So when you’re struck with sadness and you’re sulking like we all can sometimes do,
And I know it would be madness if I start being cross and grumpy too,
Then if sometimes I remember not to rise up in a temper,
But to speak the love that underneath is true,
That’s a love I learnt from you.