Life and Times

I’ve decided to host a monthly singing session. It has a perpetual theme: “Life and Times” which I chose so that it would open up plenty of space for singing songs with political and social comment but wouldn’t be too restrictive.

The session is held in Bulli, NSW, on the fourth Friday of every month.

For those who aren’t folkies, you’re in for a treat. Singing sessions are a beautiful event where everyone gets a few chances to lead a song, if they want to, and lots and lots of chances to join in the songs that other people lead.

First Session A Success!

The first “Life and Times” session was lovely, with about 30 people coming, and a great diversity of songs, including ones people dug out of the deep recesses of their minds, from their childhood or their first ever folk session. Ecopella also performed in exquisite 4-part harmony, and a few singers had their debut of singing in front of people.

There were quite a few children there and there was suggestion to start earlier with a kids’ session, which we will be doing. All are welcome to come early and join in but it will be the kids’ turns to choose and lead the songs.

Upcoming sessions are:
• Friday 27th June
• Friday 25th July
• Friday 22nd August

I’ll make sure there’s tea and nibbly things for everyone and you can bring whatever food and drinks you want to have.

For the location, see this map:

For more information, call me on 0477 00 86 86

See you there!