That Empty Space

Listen to (a pretty rough recording of) the song here:

words and music by Paul Spencer, 2015

            D                                                           Bm                G                                 A
1. It’s been more than a year now, but today I saw his eyes in someone’s face,

D                       G                          Em         F#m       A
So alert, so bright, so clear, but yet so ill-at-ease, so scared, so out of place,

D                        F#m, Bm                  Em               D       G, Bm
And I loved that man,                     like a brother only can,

Em                    A              D         G                                 A                   G             D
And every time he ran from us, I mourned him and I watched that empty space.

2. Of course I was afraid but yet I hoped he’d see the other side some day,
Though he felt he was betrayed, and so one by one he pushed his friends away,
I could see his pain, as he felt that once again,
His trust had been in vain and there was no-one in his corner here to stay.

Bm             F#m                     Bm                               Em
He fell down, he never made it through the storm,

D                                                         G                          Em            F#m          A
We so often tried to reach him and we kept his place inside here clean and warm,

D                                                             Bm
And I thought he would come home, and that’s the thing that makes my heart so sore,

G                             Em                 A                      D
So please don’t tell me      he’s not suffering anymore.

3. We try to comprehend it, to fathom how he came to feel so low,
But that knowledge would depend on having been to where it’s better not to go,
So instead be calm, just extend a loving arm,
And try to keep the harm from him, and all the love you’re feeling let him know.

It’s OK that people die, in the same way it’s OK that seasons turn,
But the Winter frost still bites us, and the Summer sun still causes us to burn,
So please don’t think I’m broken when I cry, now you know what it’s about,
I’m just thankful to be letting it all come out.

4. It’s been more than a year now but today I saw his eyes in someone’s face,
So alert, so bright, so clear but yet so ill-at-ease, so scared, so out of place,
And since he ran in fear from us, I mourn him and I watch that empty space.

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