It’s All For a Job

traditional Australian tune “It’s All For My Grog”
first parodied by John Patten (John’s chorus lyrics used here)
these verses by Paul Spencer

                       D                                      G                       D
1. Well they offered me a try, at a dealership nearby,
D                                                    A
Just washing cars and polishing the tyres,
D                                               G                        D
But the starting pay was nil, just to show I had the will,
D                              A                      D
And when I questioned that I wasn’t hired.

And it’s all for a job, a poxy fuckin’ job,
You’ve nearly had enough of jobs forever,
But you have to pay the rent, and you’ve spent your final cent,
And you’d like to keep your felsh and soul together.

2. Well I followed up a lead, giving care to those in need,
And when they gave me training I was cheering,
But on the final day, instead of offering me pay,
They signed me up for months of volunteering.


3. Well the Job Network mob is meant to help you find a job,
But every single question I could bring them,
They hadn’t got a clue, and the best that they could do,
Was say “you tell me the number and I’ll ring them.”


4. Well there’s jobs in social change, but the way it works is strange,
The salaries they pay are just outrageous,
The entire funding cheque goes to paying one exec,
While the rest of us are off in search of wages.