You Can’t Make Me

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2000

             D                       G                          D             G           A
1. You can’t make me do your useless jobs, I’d rather starve,
Bm                            G     C#m                 A
Living on the street, begging for a feed,
Bm                          G                         C#m                A            D
Tell me you’re the one the system robs,  don’t make me laugh

2. You can’t make me hate myself with lies, on your TV,
Speaking out of hate, knowing it will rate,
Captivate the public’s willing eyes, you won’t catch me.

3. You can’t make me help destroy our home, this planet Earth,
Another mindless task, anything you ask,
My small contribution to our doom, for what it’s worth.

4. You can’t make me quietly submit, just be good,
Hit me with your steel, lock me up in jail,
You’ll hurt me but you’ll never make me quit, nothing could.

5. You can’t make me want to be like them, your placid slaves,
Work and sleep and drink, Never have to think,
Look attractive, reproduce and then, dig their graves.

6. It’s the same as the first verse.