Wallaby Beside the Road

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2002

1. Driving through the forest in motor car,
A Kombi and there’s four of us inside,
On the back it says ‘revolution’ and there’s brackets round the R,
Jo’s being pretty careful, coz it’s sunset and the road’s not very wide.

It’s a logging road, it’s a logging operation,
That’s a log truck coming towards us round that bend,
The driver’s face show caring, covered up by long frustration,
We swerve aside and live but it’s not the end.

2. Wasn’t that a wallaby beside the road,
It must have just been injured by that truck,
Jamie goes and has a look while Jo gets blankets from the load,
The right leg’s badly broken, it’ll die out here the poor thing’s really stuck.

Its eyes are white, it turns its bad leg from us,
And tries to drive us off with just its tail,
We haven’t come to hurt you, we want to make a promise,
But we look and know that that can only fail.

3. Grab it in a blanket with the four of us,
I’m sure it would have screamed if it knew how,
We stop and let it be and go and sit outside the bus,
We’re all trying to be helpful but we just can’t think of what we should do now,

Have to kill it then, it’s the most humane solution,
If it has to die, at least let’s make it quick,
But Madeline says how’s it work, this painless execution,
We’ll end up haivng to club it with a stick.

4. Jo’s got some scissors and a plastic cup,
She’s rolled a single skin with oil and snout,
When we see it we start to laugh but Jo just smiles and holds it up,
She’s gotta do the driving, so I stand up and I reach my fingers out.

I move up close and I lie down right beside it,
The wallaby can’t decide on pain or fear,
The spliff is in my mouth, Ive go the burning end inside it,
The roach pokes out and curls of smoke appear.

5. The wallaby is moving to avoid the smoke,
But every move is followed by my stream,
I’m getting stoned myself from such a lonmg relentless toke,
Watching its nervous eyeballs, as they change and settle down and start to dream.

And now the creature’s sniffing out my shotgun,
It’s breathing in as much as I can blow,
I turn the joing around because the last inch is a hot one,
We share it then and time goes very slow.

6. Lying in the forest with a wallaby,
Staring at its eyes and its pointy nose,
I can feel such a strong connection to this animal just like me,
But I’m just a bit less furry, and I’m tripping on the thought that it’s weird how my forehead shows.

Then we pick it up in blankets nice and easy,
It’s a female and we lie her in the van,
I’m glad we didn’t kill her, but it comes out sounding cheesy,
We’re going to try and save her if we can.

7. My head is full of hash and I can hardly speak,
We sit back for an hour’s drive to town,
Madeline asks me questions but my brain is tired and weak,
As soon as I try to answer her, my mind just overloads and closes down.

When we get to town, we call the wildlife rescue,
The vet looks in at the bundle wrapped in rugs,
She probably can’t save her but she says she’ll do her best to,
And smiles and says it’s good that she’s on drugs.