September 12 (when cops came out to play)

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to the traditional tune “Jim Jones”
new words by Paul Spencer, 2000

          C                                                      G        Am
Now listen for a moment folks and hear me tell my tale,
Am                                                          Dm                  Em
Of why the cops in Melbourne town deserve to be in jail,
Am                                                  Dm                          Am
The rich men cried “Security!” and cops came by the score,
G                            Am                   G         Am
To beat up peaceful protesters for blocking up their door.

Now take my tip before you skip to join the rising throng,
Beneath your vest, protect your chest with padding firm and strong,
A fancy hat upon your head need not be drab or dull,
But, underneath, a helmet can protect your fragile skull.

The time is ripe for mischief now, remember what I say,
But don’t forget September 12 when cops came out to play,
The stakes were high, their minds were full of lies that they’d been fed,
I’d rather’ve had a helmet on when kicked about the head

The stakes were high, our elbows linked, we armed ourselves with song,
But the coppers that the rich men sent were full 500 strong,
They beat us with their batons and they dragged us all away,
I’d rather’ve been arrested there than truncheoned any day.

For day and night they walk the streets and keep us in our cage,
And put down peaceful protest for a small, dishonest wage,
But, by and by, we’ll break our chains and into the streets we’ll go,
To join the bold blockaders there and watch the movement grow.

Then one bright day when everything is vibrant in the town,
We’ll occupy the parliament, we’ll bring the tyrants down,
We’ll give the law a little shock, remember what I say,
They’ll yet regret they sent the riot coppers out that day.