Roads, Traffic and Authority

Listen to the song here:

words and music by Paul Spencer, 1997
performed by Ecopella

E          B      Bm            A                  B             G#m          B
1. Traffic’s tight, day and night, the streets have all been filled,
A                                  B               B7                           B
Here’s what you want us to do: Go out there and build
A              G#                 G     F#    E
Roads, freeways, sweeping bends,
A                      B                    E                        B
Motorways, tollways, they’re your friends,
G#m            A                 B                C#m
Bitumen, concrete, asphalt, tar,
Ddim7               E                              A           B   E
We’ll pave all the bits that we’ve missed so far.

2. Feeling down, skies are brown, nowhere left to breathe,
We’ll fix the smell, we’ll make you well, just sit back and believe!

C#m                          F#m
What looks great in black? Roads!!
B                             E
What brings in the cash? Traffic!!
A                           E                                            B
Who has your authority to fill your life with roads?

Roads, freeways, etc.

What’s better than urban bush? Roads!!
What’s got people on the move? Traffic!!
Who has your authority to fill your life with roads?

3. Cars are fun, trains are dumb, roads are what you crave,
The Lord above looked down with love and this is what He gave:

Roads, freeways, etc.