Make Some Music

Listen to the song here: 

words by Paul Spencer, 1996
traditional Irish tune “Maggie May”
arranged for choir by Ecopella

         A                                                      D

1. I hate the Liberal Party with a passion deep and hearty,

          A                                                E

So I voted for the Labor Party man,

A                                                                     D

But the lying little weevil turned out just as bloody evil,

          A                              E                     A

It’s clear he’s out to break us if he can.


2. So this time I was keen, I went out and voted Green,

And the good old Coalition went and won,

If you want to change the laws, then the power’s mine and yours,

And I think it’s time to go and have some fun.



A7    D                                                             A

Oh, Banner-drops and lock-on pipes, tripods and canoes,

        A                                                       B7                               E7

A smoke-in at the cop-shop nearly always makes the news,

                A                                                          D

We can safely leave the violence in the hands of the police,

          A                                    E                   D                               A

And go and make some music in the forests and the streets.


3. I want to make things betterso I think I’ll write a letter

That a junior clerk can place upon a shelf,

But still the trees keep falling, I can hear the forest calling

So I’ll have to go and save the thing myself.


4. It’s very widely known that if you cycle on your own,

The motorists will try to run you down,

But nothing ever feels quite as free as my two wheels

When a hundred bikes have taken over town.


5. If you stand up for your rights, or for someone else’s fight,

You break the law, which says you can’t complain,

But civil disobedience is never, ever tedious,

It’s aggravated trespass time again