Mainstream Australian

words by Paul Spencer, 1996
traditional tune “Tomohawking Fred”
performed here by Solidarity Choir

C                                          F
1. I’m not an Aboriginal – a small minority,
G                                                                                           C
But nor am I an immigrant, not True Blue Aussie me,
C                                                   F
My family is Australian from way back out of sight,
G                                                                                                                  C
And where we’re from before that doesn’t matter ’cause we’re white.

G                                                        C
I’m a mainstream Australian, more typical than you,
D                                                D7                      G
I’m part of the majority that numbers very few,
C                  (C7)                     F
When debating legislation for the country as a whole,
G                                                                                      C
It’s only fair that I have disproportionate control.

2. I’m not an adolescent or an immature child,
I’m not a young adult but then I’m also not retired,
I’m not a rowdy student or a feral or a punk,
Or a greeny or a communist or any other junk.

3. Of course I’m not a criminal: I’ve never been in jail,
I don’t smoke marijuana (or at least I don’t inhale),
I never ride a skateboard or cycle into work,
And I don’t catch public transport – no I always take the Merc’.

4. I’m not a homosexual or queer of any kind,
I’m not at all disabled in the body or the mind,
I’m not a homeless pauper or a starving refugee,
And I’m not a small-time businessman with 7 kids to feed.

5. I’m not a single parent nor am I unemployed,
The working class and unionists I carefully avoid,
I’m surely not a woman – it’s more normal to be male,
I’m an ordinary Aussie and my wishes will prevail.