Keep the Prices Low

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2000

G        D               C            G

1. Strategic business management,

D                             G
CHORUS: Keep the prices low,

G                  D
Minimising money spent,

C                 G        D
CHORUS: Keep the prices low,

C                              G
Efficient operations, economies of scale,

C                                                              D
And other words to make it sound like wisdom will prevail,

G                  Bm
CHORUS: Do anything, anything,

C                  D        G
CHORUS: Just keep the prices low.

2. The labour’s done in the Phillipines,
Keep the…
The staff are paid in kidney beans,
Keep the…
Fear of unemployment keeps the workers off their backs,
Whiole the company is pushing for another cut in tax,
Do anything…

3. Avoid environmental laws,
Move to where they’re not enforced,
I can turn the tap on and the water’s clean and fresh,
Coz the poison in the river is away in Bangladesh,

4. Make it shoddy, make it cheap,
Make it nearly obsolete,
Look how much I’ve purchased with a pocket full of cash,
And when it falls apart on me I’ll throw it in the trash.

5. A million toys form a plastic mould,
Make ten cents for each one sold,
An esay way to earn a hundred thousand of the best,
Just buy them by the crate and sell them cheaper than the rest.

6. Open up stores in every town,
Force all the local prices down,
Sell us things at less than cost for six months or a year,
And we prob’ly won’t react when all the small shops disappear.

7. Buying toys or bags of rice,
Make sure you decide the price,
Make them menufacture just exactly what you need,
Then refuse to buy their product at the price that was agreed.

8. Buy the stock you know will sell,
Easy things that market well,
Join the mediocrity of every other brand,
In united aspiration for a constant shade of bland.

9. Steal my pay cheque every week,
Hand it to the rich and sleek,
Make you rbusiness wealthy so investors all get rich,
We’ll like it or we’ll lump it and it doesn’t matter which.