Green Like Me

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 1996

                G                                               C              D           G
1. I’m an ethical consumer, that’s a nineties thing to be,
G                     D                   A7            D7
So it’s hydrocarbon aerosols instead of CFCs,
G7                          C                       Bm                  D
And now that Macca’s uses those recycled paper trays,
G                        Em                     A            D              G
My care for our environment can last for days and days
F#m       Em    D
In oh! So many ways,
G                        Em                    C             D              G
My care for our environment can last for days and days.

2. I was going to start a compost but I couldn’t stand the smell,
So I put it in the garbage with the glass and cans as well,
I know I should recycle but I just don’t have the time,
To be sorting through the garbage can with a hectic life like mine.
And I’m far too refined…

3. You say I shouldn’t drive to work but go by bus or train,
And have me waiting half an hour each morning in the rain,
My mobile phone would get all wet my hairspray would dissolve,
Ill be environmental if discomfort’s not involved.
I give this firm resolve…

4. Now it’s great to save our forests but I think it’s fair to say,
That if someone’s job is threatened then the forest must give way,
Well we can’t live without money, just look at those who do,
From their hair and clothes it’s obvious – they haven’t got a clue.
Of course I don’t mean you…

5. It’s not that I hate ferals or people who are weird,
In fact I have a friend who has 2 earrings in 1 ear,
It’s just they tend to smell a bit, or so the rumours go,
But I’m just being prejudiced ’cause I really wouldn’t know
And drug use makes them slow…

6. I took some reused bags once when I did the weekly shop,
But I felt a little foolish so that practice had to stop,
I still buy all the packaging I used to buy before,
But now I feel guilty so that counts as doing more
And thinking’s such a bore…

7. What do you mean “inactive”? I’m P.C. and up to date,
I buy dolphin-friendly tuna and I think Greenpeace is great,
I use unleaded petrol in my brand new Commodore,
And I’m boycotting my French class and the local French bread store,
Who could ask for more…?