Go To Hell

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 1996

               Am                      Em              F             G       Am

1. Two people sitting smoking, one evening after tea,

           C                             Dm                               G                  Em

Their cigarettes slowly burning and they’re watching the TV,

Dm                                         Em                           Am               Dm

One man smokes through habit, more than twenty-five a day,

                Am                    Dm                       Am                       Em

And no matter how he tries he just can’t give the things away,

           Am                             Em                                   F                G                 Am

His fitness level’s dropping and he’s lost his singing voice,

                  C                      Dm                               G                                            Em

He’s trying to remember when he used to smoke by choice,

Dm                                              Em                               Am                      Dm

The other just smokes once a week so he still feels OK,

            F                                                              Am                                  E7

But he smokes marijuana, and that’s why people say:


                   F                               G                           Am                          Em

He’s a criminal, he’s wanted, he’s dangerous I’m sure,

               F                Em                    Dm                        G

He’s a crazy desperado and he’s running from the law,

             C                                     G                        Am        Dm      Em

If you catch him throw him straight into the deepest darkest cell,

         C                     Am                      G         Em     Am

The law is always right so if you break it go to hell.

2. A dealer doing well she just sold another ounce,

Two cops who’ve been tipped off see their target and they pounce,

The law tells them to lock her up, the proof is everywhere,

But shouldn’t all the money that they found have been declared,

A good cop and a bad one, a complementary set,

The honest cop too scared to speak but not corrupted yet,

Fourteen grand was stolen which of course they would deny,

And she’d receive no sympathy ’cause in the public eye:

She’s a criminal, she’s wanted,…

3. Two big drug plantations, fences, dogs and guards,

Massive profits here a million bucks is on the cards,

One is sprayed with poison more than any other crop,

And amazingly addictive, once you start you just can’t stop,

The other grows organically, no chemicals at all,

A great rotation crop it grows so quickly and so tall,

The fibre’s used for paper ’cause it’s so immensely strong,

And yet the people growing it are actually in the wrong:

They’re criminals, they’re wanted,…