Fritter Our Freedom Away

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words by Paul Spencer, 2003
traditional English tune “We’re Bound for Botany Bay”

                 A                  E                A

1. Farewell to the notion of liberty,

A                    D                   E
Farewell to our welfare as well,

A                   Bm                   C#m               F#m
Farewell to our well-known irreverence,

A                         E                       A
That once used to serve us so well.


With a toorali-oorali attitude,
In a torrali-oorali way,
With a toorali-oorali attitude,
We’ll fritter our freedom away.

2. There’s the corporate groups that rule over us,
There’s the judges and all of that crew,
There’s the lifeless machine of bureaucracy,
That don’t care what we poor folk go through.

3. Tain’t leaving the past that we cares about,
Tain’t coz we can’t do what we please,
But because all them light-fingered gentry,
Keeps on giving us poor folk the squeeze.

4. Oh had I the voice of the Telegraph,
Then loud my opinions I’d cry,
Each day that we pass without liberty,
Is not ours to live but to die.