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words and music by Paul Spencer, 1998

       D                             C#dim7             D

1. Fear comes down upon me in the dark,

                D                        Bm

Though not quite unexpected,

      Em                  C#.maj7        F#

My impulse is to run, hide away,

  Adim7               B7

Hope I’m not detected,

   Em                         A       G           D

I can’t escape – the fear is in my heart.

2. Scampering, I leave my friends behind,

The fear I carry with me,

Now it has me totally entranced,

My resistance fails swiftly,

And a host of horrid futures fills my mind.

3. Everything I live for is destroyed,

Justice is defeated,

Terror past all hope of consolation,

Each image is repeated,

Inside me on a screen I can’t avoid,

4. I’m rescued on the threshold of despair,

Friendly arms around me,

The present moment settles on my mind,

I spit my fear out loudly,

I feel my skin again and breathe the air.