Even That Takes A Revolution

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2003

F                                 Eb                     Bb

1. My demands are really not outrageous,

Cm                               Gm                                 Cm
A good day’s work deserves a good day’s wages,

Eb                                             Cm
Seems a pretty obvious solution,

Dm                        Bb     A

But even that takes a revolution,

Dm                              Bb    A
Even that takes a revolution.

Dm                              Bb    C

…                                …      …

2. I don’t have alarming aspirations,
Just respect for future generations,
I don’t want to kill them with pollution,

3. I’d like to see it recognised as treason,
To start a war for economic reasons,
Not a major step in evolution,

4. I’d like to try a different way of living,
Focussing on happinesss and giving,
You’d think it would be in the constitution,

5. I don’t want to climb to heights of power,
I’d rather work at levelling the tower,
And build a democratic institution,