You Can’t Just Winge

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2001

C                                                                               Am

1. Well they marched for peace and justice and they struck for better pay,

C                                                      Em        Am           Dm       G

And they built the protest movement just to hear the cynics say:



C       G        C         B                 C        Am                          Dm

You can’t just winge can’t you come up with a better way?

Em    F            G                  Am               C               G7         C

You’re always on the fringe coz you’ve got nothing good to say.


2. Well they stood up for the workers and they stood up for the poor,

But the cynics couldn’t understand what they were standing for.


3. So we pushed for public transport and we lobbied them for hemp,

But the cynics said the same thing to us everywhere we went:


4. Well perhaps we’d been too cryptic so to simplify the clue,

We said “People Before Profit” so the message might get through but no:


 5. So we made ourselves a banner, it was twenty storeys high,

And the message read “Go Solar!”, but it got the same reply,


6. So now when I see cynics standing with their lips all tightly pursed,

I leap out from behind them and I get my line in first: