The Economic God Song

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words by Paul Spencer, 2000

traditional Australian tune “The Lachlan Tigers”

          Am                                            G
1. A frantic, zealous guru with a mighty, mystic mind,
      G                     Em                   Am                            E
Beseeches us to leave our unenlightened ways behind,
   Am         F                      C                          G
Feel the power of the mighty Stock Exchange!”,
 C        (B)    Am                 E                         Am
Arms wide open and his eyes are very strange

We won’t bow down and worship your economic god,
Your sacrificial customs seem unnatural and odd,
We don’t like to fight against our friends,
We’ll stand fast against your economic trends.

2. What can your god give us that we don’t already own?,
We don’t want a mortgage or a tiny little phone,
We like friendship and sharing things we need,
That’s ours now if we can overcome our greed.

3. He looks at us in horror, and flames rise in his cheeks,
“You can’t afford to disobey the Market when It speaks!
You’ll bring vengeance down upon us all,
We’d be broken if The Stock Exchange should fall.”

4. We adore our planet, it supports our every need,
We don’t want it slaughtered for some god of endless greed,
Life is sacred, nothing could compare,
Your bloodthirsty god can starve for all we care.

5. We’ll go on being friendly and refusing to compete,
And laughing at the crap you try to sell us in the street,
We’re not scared of disasters you foretell,
Hold our hands and you can ride the storm as well.