The Earth Will Rise

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2003

                    G                                                                        C                                    G

1. It’s an endless cosmic journey on the path of brillliant light,
And every lifetime’s learning,
Sees the summit ever nearer and my third eye’s vison clearer,
                                 C                D               G
Through the darkest time of night.

It’s a comfy spot to snuggle as a sculptor of my soul,
So in desperate times of struggle,
When the future’s looking tragic, I put all my faith in magic,
And I burrow in my hole.

And the Earth will rise, Gaia!
   D                                    Bm                    Em
Right before our sad averted eyes, Gaia!

                      D                                                                             C
She will cast aside her shackles, smash the cities into dust,
                        Bm                                                                  Am
But she’ll rescue the enlightened, all the righteous ones like us,

2. I’ve progressed through meditation and I’ve sorted out my Qi,
I’ve used crystal divination,
And with years of hard devotion, I’ve uncovered my emotions,
And the karmic way to be.

So I’m spending time relaxing with a headspace cool and clear,
And it sounds a little taxing,
All this work to save the planet, and the people living on it,
So I think I’ll just lie here.


3. And I simply must have crystals to advise me and dictate,
And the forest ecosystems,
All the life that’s terminated, when the gems are excavated,
Well that’s really down to fate.

So you shouldn’t be so gloomy, man just find a new belief,
One that lets you keep consuming,
Knowing at the final hour, that some heavy cosmic power,
Will just flood the world with peace.