The Adventures of Power and Greed

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 1995

                        C                                      G            C

1. When the first timber-cutter came to this shore,

       G                F                              Em            Dm

For ev’ry tree felled there were thousands more,

                 C                                                             G           C

So they chopped and they sawed with their minds at ease,

                    Em          F                       G          C

There was no way they could run out of trees.

2. Then someone called Power met someone called Greed,

And they convinced us that what we need,

Is paper and plastic to throw away,

Now they’re fucking up the planet while the citizens pay.

3. Our Common Conscience tries to save,

Consumers from our greedy grave,

But Greed is huge and Power is strong,

                    G                  Em                 Am  G

And they make up the rules as they go along.


            C                 Am

And another tree falls,

             C                       F                    G         F

And another patch of untouched wilderness,

     C                    F                               G            G7

Quick chop it down while you’ve got the chance,

       C                      Cdim7

It’s gonna be conserved,

           F                      G         C

If the hippies get a hold of it.

4. Power and Greed run a woodchip mill,

All you have to say to get a License to Kill,

Is “I’m from a land which has run out of trees,

And I’d like to trash your heritage please”


5. Power and Greed want to build a road,

Between two places where nobody goes,

It’s 8 lanes wide and it’s black and it’s cold,

But the forest in the way is a million years old


6. Now the old growth’s nearly at an end,

Our Common Conscience must defend,

Our planet from one last attack,

But Greed has its hand up the government’s back