It’s Really Bad

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words and music by Paul Spencer, 2005

D                               A                     Bm

1. Plague and fire, drought and storm,

E              A                             E

Doom, death and destruction,

F#m                        E

Ain’t the planet nice and warm,

A                                E                               A

Everything’s crap, it’s really bad.

2. Every month a new disaster,

Doom, …

Now they’re coming even faster,

Everything’s …

3. Lots of horrid new diseases,

We’re all in the shit, oh Jesus.

4. Social problems are systemic,

When’s the worldwide epidemic?

5. Soil loss through salination,

Soon we’ll be a starving nation.

6. Young men sick of being poor,

Let them fight some pointless war.

7. Feel the agony that’s coming,

Wish we’d shot George Bush or some’ing.

8. Everything that lives is dying,

What’s the point in even trying?

9. Now we’ve fucked it good and proper,

Might as well become a copper.

10. Kiss your friends and say goodbye,

Everybody’s going to die.