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words and music by Paul Spencer, 1999

(D)                   Bm                  D                    Bm

1.There are strange people living in the city,

             Em                              A                      G                         E      E7

They shave their chins and armpits and dress up like cement,

            A                    E              E7          A

Their nervous eyes evoke a sense of pity,

                 Bm                                C#m                        D          Bm    D

They’ve bought themselves a prison, which was never their intent,

       A                     Bm         C#m    A

The only way to free them is to shock them,

    E                       A                  Bm                       E

Show them the reality that’s killing me and you,


They’re the only ones who can unlock them,

               D                        A                 D

When I see them on the escalators, all I want to do is yell:


      G                                              A

Freaks! What are you doing?!

     D                                     G             D                     G                 Em              D

Dressing up like mannequins and marching up and down,

 Bm                              Em                     G

Can’t you smell the poison you’re brewing,

                                   D                     G             Em             D            A             D

While you’re living in a bubble in the plastic part of town?!!”

2. They think it’s human nature to be selfish,

To them, co-operation is a weakness of the mind,

They recognise the system isn’t healthy,

But they’d rather just enjoy it, and leave it all behind.

Now that’s just not acceptable behaviour,

Tripping on consumption and the products of today

Excreting waste in our suburban graveyard,

When they colonise my television, I just want to say to them:


3. They don’t believe in things outside the present,

The future has no value if it can’t be sold today,

They help to make each other’s moments pleasant,

By building a reality that keeps the world away,

We have to talk some holes into their fortress,

Teach them to respect the future’s right to just exist,

Use the lessons history has tortoise,

When I cycle past their traffic jams, the hardest to resist is yelling: