Axises of Evil

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words by Paul Spencer, 2002

traditional tune “Spanish Ladies”

Dm                                                          Bb                                 Am

1.  Of all the world’s ills, there is none that’s more evil,

Dm                                                            Bb                  C

More gruesome nor dread than the terrorist threat,

Bb                 C                                    Dm                        Am

The President says that they’re really awful people,

Dm                         Am                                                         Dm

And when he’s not grinning you can tell he’s upset.


We’ll march off to war, like good little soldiers,

We’ll march off to war, for President Bush,

Until we destroy all the axises of eveil,

For there’s freedom to fight for and a lifetsyle to push.

2. George Bush is angered by the death of civillians,

He finds it outrageous like anyone would,

So when he kills thousands and speaks about collateral,

He’s not being callous, you’ve misunderstood.

3.Now some bombs are dirty and cause mass destruction,

But our bombs are smart and they’ll solve all our woes,

Starvation and grief ight appear to be a crisis,

But really we’re helping as everyone knows.

4. To help foster peace we’ll use words like “Islamist”,

To make it appear that they’re all this extreme,

Whereas our church is pure and could never be corrpupted,

And of world domination it would not even dream.

5. So send us your children we’ll fight against terror,

And suchlike emotions that lay people low,

We’ll fight them with guns and with lots of bloody slaughter,

But don’t ask who’s winning or how long to go.